Privacy Policy

American Heritage Securities, Inc. Privacy Policy Statement: American Heritage Securities, Inc. understands and respects the privacy rights of clients. As a customer of American Heritage, we want to make you aware of our privacy policy. In the course of our relationship with you we collect non-public, personal information that is either provided by you, or collected in the course of business. Such information includes names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, and other account identification information. We also collect information about your transactions with us or our affiliates. In addition, we collect nonpublic personal information that you provide regarding your income, assets, and investment preferences and objectives. We never sell any personal information. We do not share your information except as follows: 1) We may share personal identification information and transaction information with our clearing firm (First Clearing) as required to service your investments. 2) When required to do so in response to a legal document served against us or to satisfy industry regulations. Or, 3) Upon specific request by you to disclose information. American Heritage Securities, Inc. considers the privacy of customers or former customers to be a matter of the utmost importance. We have ongoing procedures to insure that our employees and systems maintain the highest level of confidentiality and security of your personal and financial information. Should we discover that, through a breach of our security systems, your personal information was, or may have been, disclosed to non authorized parties, we will notify you as soon as possible upon our knowledge of such breach. This Privacy Policy is being provided to you as a new customer to our firm as outlined our current policies and practices. An annually updated Privacy Policy is posted to our website,, each year.